Guest Friendly Hotels Joiner Policies

Each hotel has its own extra guest or joiner policy. The hotel joiner policies vary a little from hotel to hotel but usually there is one requirement that is common to all and that is: the joiner must present his / her proof of ID and age to the staff at hotel reception.

The hotel policy might be considered as protecting the guest, the initial checked in occupier of the room, but by law the hotel must record the ID of all people who stay in the hotel. This is Thai Law and the hotel keeper can be fined for not abiding by the rules.

Personally I consider the hotel really is protecting the guest to a degree when they adopt the policy of making a phone call to the guest in the room before handing the collected ID card or document to the joiner on his or her way out of the hotel.

For a guest who is taking someone who he has just met and known for perhaps one or two hours to join him in his room this must be comforting knowledge. Below is a typical hotel joiner policy.


  • A maximum of 2 (two) people are permitted to be registered to a room and must provide valid identification: passport, ID card or driver’s license.
  • Any private visits from unregistered persons, in the hotel guest's room, is not permitted unless the visitor's real identification card is given to the front desk.
  • According to the Thai prostitution act, all entertainment establishments, including the hotel, require proof by national ID that any lady or entertainer is at least 18 years old.
  • The hotel is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables done by the person that the guest brings in together.
  • The hotel has the right to prohibit a joiner to enter the hotel if he/she shows any intention of disturbing any other hotel guest.

Book For Two Policy

Many hotels will require you to book your room for two guests when you are making the booking online or through an agent. In some cases if you do not book your room for two guests then when you return to your hotel with your companion for the evening you will be charged a joiner fee of 500 baht up to 1,000 baht or maybe even more. This inconvenience is easy to avoid if you follow the protocol and book your room for two.

Here is an example of the above mentioned requirement which one of the hotels mailed to this website.

"We do not charge joiner fee if you book as double and you come single and get some from out. But if you are already 2 person and you get 3rd person then we do charge. If you get some from out please inform the front desk and they will get their ID card for safety of the guest and the hotel."

And here is another similar statement from another hotel:

"Regarding your question of the joiner’s fee we are pleased to inform that if your original reservation has been request for single used there would be the additional charge at THB 1,000 net per night per person for the additional guest".

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